Internationale Umweltbaustelle 2013 auf der Thaurer Alm

In Kooperation mit dem Service Civil International (SCI) Österreich und der Gemeinde Thaur veranstaltet der Naturpark Karwendel 2013 erstmals eine internationale Umweltbaustelle (Workcamp). 16 Teilnehmer aus mindestens 8 verschiedenen Ländern arbeiten gemeinsam für zwei Wochen auf der Thaurer Alm an Mäharbeiten und lernen Tirol von einer Seite abseits von typischem Tourismus kennen.

Thaurer Alm

Date: July 28th – August 10th

Participants: 16

The workcamp will take place at the Thaurer Alm, which is a traditional agricultural area at the height of 1,464 m. Several of the high pastures in the area are enthreatened to be overgrown by small woods, which would result in the loss of an important cultural landscape. The Thaurer Alm hosts about 50 cattle and other animals (goats, pigs, chicken, a shepherd dog) and its small restaurant is frequented by hikers on the weekends. The participants will experience daily life in such an isolated environment and will be able to enjoy a stunning view over the Inn valley for the whole duration of the workcamp.

Type of Work: Some of the tasks are physical work. The main task of the workcamp will be cutting down the woods that enthreaten the landscape and carrying them to a site where they can be burned. Additional tasks will be helping the host in his daily work (milking the cows, making butter and cheese etc.) and helping with some environmental/scientific work of the Natural Park Karwendel (such as mapping locusts) that is organising the workcamp.

Study Theme:
The participants will learn about the cultural and ecological aspects of Transhumance in the Alps. They will learn about the traditions around agricultural settlements on high pastures as well as about climate, vegetation and specialties of the Natura 2000 area that the Thaurer Alm is situated in. The participants will learn how to make regional products like cheese and butter. One day of the workcamp will be a hike through the very beautiful mountainous surroundings of the workcamp site, the last day includes an excursion to Innsbruck.

All of the participants will sleep in one cabin which they will have for themselves. They will sleep on mattresses and should bring their own sleeping bag. Food will be served in the small restaurant that is at the workcamp site.

Language: The participants should have basic knowledge of English in order to understand the working tasks and to communicate with the rest of the team. If requested by the group, there can be a small German lesson.

Requirements: You should be over 18 years old and should speak some basic English. Motivation is a big advantage.

Approximate Location: The workcamp is in Tyrol in the Western, mountainous part of Austria, in the Alps. The Thaurer Alm is situated above Thaur, a village very close to Innsbruck.

Notes: You can easily travel to the meeting point (Train station of Hall in Tirol) by train. There are several international train connections to Innsbruck, from which it is only a two-station ride to Hall in Tirol.

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